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We make it simple for you to sort out your creative communication and digital marketing. Thinking, designing, creating since 2004.

Who we are

We are a tightly-knit team of creatives, communicators, designers, content writers, marketers, web gurus, social media lovers, thinkers, dreamers, and visionaries. We know that great design, impactful communication, and emotive marketing doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective. We also know that it’s much easier to work with a team of uncomplicated creatives who simply want to do their best to help you get your marketing and communication in place. We are that team.

who we work with →

Your marketing and communication team in Innsbruck and Tirol.

We help new and growing businesses in Innsbruck, Tirl and Austria get their marketing right.

Who we work with

We primarily work with new and growing businesses in Tirol and across Austria from our base in beautiful Innsbruck. Unlike many marketing agencies in the area, we don’t get involved in tourism and hotel marketing. Instead, we pour our insights and energy into working with local service- and product-based businesses, including business coaches, medical professionals, consulting firms, entrepreneurs, boutique shops, restaurants and bars, artisans, event venues, accountants, copy writers, and even university spin-offs and research groups. Each customer that we work with has a unique set of needs, challenges and objectives, and we go the extra mile to make sure that we find the right approach for them – there are no “cookie-cutter” solutions with us!

how we ended up here →

How we got here

In 2004, Einfach Kreativ started life as a communication agency specialising in branding, graphic design, and basic HTML websites. Our original “home” was in London, but we quickly expanded across the UK and into the United States and South Africa. As we expanded, our service offers changed, too: we started offering strategic communication and marketing consulting. We became experts in content writing and SEO. We moved from simple HTML websites to hand-crafted monsters, and began creating content-managed websites with tools like Typo3, Joomla!, and WordPress. We took on social media marketing projects, designed explainer videos, created podcasts, and took on the challenge of helping clients create cost-effective multi-media marketing tools. Phew!

The marketing landscape is constantly changing, and new technologies, user behaviours, and trends present exciting and frustrating challenges to the customers we serve. Fortunately, we’re constantly learning and adapting, and we’re able to offer solutions and ideas that combine tried and tested approaches with shiny, new innovations to keep marketing and communication relevant, effective, and as simple as possible.

why we’re different →


Einfach Kreative: from London, the USA and South Africa to beautiful Innsbruck.

Einfach Kreative: from London, the USA and South Africa to beautiful Innsbruck.

Einfach Kreative: from London, the USA and South Africa to beautiful Innsbruck.

Einfach Kreative: from London, the USA and South Africa to beautiful Innsbruck.

Why we’re different

We play fair.

We’re not greedy.

We tell you the truth, not what will make us money.

We’re brave enough to share the difficult messages.

Relationships matter a great deal to us.

Great feedback makes our week.

We only work with customers when we know that we can add value and insights.

We get excited by the small things.

We think about our projects in the bath.

We’re charismatic, creative, and nerdy – quite a combination.

We’re kind and tough in equal measures.

For us, there are no stupid questions.

We believe that creative communication and digital marketing should be simple, but not “dumbed down”.

We love making our customers’ lives less complicated, not more!

our team →

Our people

Klein aber fein. International experience with a local focus. The perfect blend of creative, tech-savvy, and practical. Friendly and accessible. Ready to have a chat and a cup of coffee any time to talk about your vision.

Suzanne, Creative Director

Creative Director, Communication & Marketing Specialist. Founder.

Maya, Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Digital Design.

Andreas, Web, SEO and Online Marketing

Web Developer. SEO. Online Marketing.

Martina, Content Writing, Translation, Design

Content Writer. Project Manager. Social Media Marketing.

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